CNC milling

20 years of experience in machining, perfect staff and technical facilities allow us to comprehensively accomplish orders in CNC machining. NION specialize in CNC milling all type of steel - from carbon steel, alloy to specialistic steel, copper and plastics. We use new technology and productive numerical control machines to make every tasks comprehensively. New technology enable not only standard surface machining, but also 3D milling or even 4D. Depending on the customer’s requirements, spare parts can be subjected to heat or chemical treatment (oxidation, zinc or nickel-plating etc.)

CNC turnig

We specialize in turning by using high productive and precision CNC lathe, as well as conventional machine. We have in our offer turning surfacing and complex shape. Being one step before allow us to effective material machining. 


We provide services in griding. Company NION bases on technical facilities and constantly growing machine park. We enable to make precision parts, which allow customer require.
We offer grinding:

  • Flat grinding
  • Shaft grinding
  • Hole grinding. 


CNC tehcnology, which is used by company NION allows to service in EDM. The main advantage of EDM method is possibility machining almost every kind of metal, which are electrically conductive. EDM method is used in various industrial sectors, mainly in automotive, airline and medical industry. Precision, as well as complicates shapes, which we are able to achieve in materials of high hardness allow us stated that EDM is on the irreplaceable processes in machining industries.