NION was founded in 1997. We are modern and dynamic development company, which the team have many years of experience and wide knowledge in machining steel and plastics. We use only high quality attested materials for manufacturing our parts. We specialize in price production or small lot production. Our ideas personalize for requirements every customers to provide the highest level of service.


The main goal is assurance our customers the highest quality of provided services of manufacturing specialist tools, equipment for production. Company NION is still evolving, which goes to perfection in quality of manufacturing parts and the safety at work with commitments every employees.


High precision machining, as well as new technical resources allow us to comprehensively accomplish orders for customer. We are team, who consist of experts in their branch. The most innovation solutions are personalized for requirement of customers. The manufacturing is done based on the technical documentation provided by customers or based on our own design and construction office.
We make every effort to manufacture functionality products with the highest quality. We are limited only by imagination and time. The only limits are imagination and time.